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Default Re: Call this river?

If you check to induce a bluff then you must call. I usually prefer a little stronger hand to make that play but if your read is correct your hand will be good most of the time and the size of his bet is irrelevant. This is a very effective tool to use against over-aggro players. JMO

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Kind of what I was thinking. The general concensus seems to be fold, but I checked that turn so he'd bluff the river or bet it with a hand i'm ahead of. This villain was very aggro. I almost folded just because of the size of the bet, it really looked like a 2 that whiffed a checkraise on the turn. I called anyway and he showed down a total bluff, K7o or something. Incidentally he left after this hand. I'm thinking that he was doing this habitually, and when he got caught, he probably figured the jig was up and headed to another table to try this stunt some more. Luckily I had notes on him open anyway and got to take the note, and buddy list him.
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