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Default Re: Worst injury/injuries you\'ve sustained?

I haven't had anything really serious, a few minor injuries.

-Tried to do a backwards cannonball when I was like 7, bottom of my chin hit the pool. Blood everywhere, six or so stitches, no more swimming for the rest of vacation.

-Stabbing holes in the top of a Gatorade bottle, when I was about 8. I missed, and stabbed myself in the hand(if you make an "L" with your hand, I stabbed myself at the corner of the L. Was pretty small cut though, didn't require stitches.

-Washing dishes, I was about 13. I had my hand inside a glass when it broke. It cut my hand(on the outside of my right hand, just below the pinky). There was a flap of skin hanging off, it was disgusting. Went to the hospital, nine stitches later I'm good as new.

-Playing street hockey when I was 14. Took a shot, fell right on my ass. Landed on my ankle, broke my ankle. Went back to school(this actually happened on the first day of sprink break) with a nice blue cast.

-My scariest injury. I was 15, and leaving a friend's house late at night. My friend was in the middle of the street, I came running down a big hill and yelled his name. He pulled out a knife and turned around. He accidentally stabbed me rigth where the wrist meets the hand. I was so scared, we thought he had hit the artery. We ran back in the house, kids parents took me to the hospital. One staple in my hand and I'm home in a few hours

-Last year, around Christmas. I'm sledding down a big hill with a creek at the bottom. I slam my head into a rock in the creek. I get up, walk home. My mom took one look at me and took me to the hospital, where I recieved 12 staples.
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