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Default Re: Cleaning lady steals from me -- can I go to the cops?

It can't hurt to file a report with the cops, but I doubt much will come over it. It's petty theft since there's only proof she stole $200.


And I'm not sure how the video from the store is proof. Does the camera get so close that you can actually see the numbers on the gift card to prove it was yours? Or can they actually sync up their register journal with the video?

[/ QUOTE ]

It's actually pretty incredible. Nordstrom has their stuff all synched up. They have on video every purchase, and they can identify the gift card used at any purchase. I have no doubts that their video is fine evidence. It would have been highly, highly coincidental that we asked them about gift card number 1, and they pulled out the supposed video for that gift card and it was this battle axe buying something.
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