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Default Re: Cleaning lady steals from me -- can I go to the cops?

The fact that immigration might get involved looks like a NEGATIVE to you? Wow. We don't need our own crooks, much less those from other countries. Getting her deported would be a boon and at least for a while keep her from stealing from her next employer, which of course is exactly what she will do for as many years as she can do it.

As said above, cops don't do taxes.

As said above also, you're primarily chasing the $100. If you pursue this, it's on a moral basis. In that case I think it's more immoral not to pursue it than to pursue it, so you have "right" on your side. Especially pertinant to your doing the right thing is that whether the courts recognize the other part of the thousand she stole or not, she did indeed steal it, so she's not just a minor thief here and it's not really just about a hundred bucks at all.

So the question basically is whether you will lose any money trying to get this prosecuted, and whether it is worth it to you. Spending any time in court at all could easily cost you much more than $100, and courts can't really force her to pay even if she is convicted. So it's about right and wrong more than money, because the money is basically forever gone. If right and wrong is important to you even if it costs you money, your decision is a clear one. If you want to be practical but maybe shirk both your right and perhaps your moral duty, pursuing this thing is just going to cost you more time and money and in the parlance of a certain card game not to be mentioned, is "throwing good money after bad."

Personal/community obligations/moral or practical. Unfortunately you can't accomplish both here.
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