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Default What do you think about this class??

So I'm in my 4th year at school and realized that I have only the minimum amount of credits to be a full time student and all credits after 13 are free, so hell might as well take some classes. [img]/images/graemlins/cool.gif[/img] Anyway, there is this stats class called "data analysis" its a 3000 level class so junior year or whatever, and this is what the course description says:

Further topics in regression and ANOVA; non-parametric methods; model selection and verification; writing statistical reports; use of statistical software; additional selected topics.

could any of this ever be useful for me in poker if I ever get into game theory or something especially the "use of statistical software; model selection and verification?". It is kind of sad, I don't even know what ANOVA stands for but I have taken the class right before this 3021. This class of course being 3022. Anyway thought maybe someone could help me decide if this class could be remotely useful.

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