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Default Re: D.Sklansky: Why is an embryo a person?

I expected to hear an argument for the fetus being a person. But what little argument he lays out is for it being a potential person. Am I missing something subtle?

[/ QUOTE ]

I don't think you are missing anything. In RA's posts, we asked him to please explain how an embryo is a person -- and he never did. We pointed out that a 1-week old embryo has no brain, and so it's level of consciousness & sentience is far different than my level of consciousness when I'm asleep. He never responded.

It baffles me, really. It seems to be some deep-rooted emotional reasoning that makes an otherwise rational person make this unsubstantiated claim. OR -- it's the "gap" argument: we don't know when personhood begins, but conception is the most black/white line we have, so that must be it.
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