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Default .... rule at Resorts East SURPISED? Wise up.

Fact is, the "rules" in that poker room will REMAIN AMBIGUOUS. The BOTTOM LINE is how the "house" benefits in the long run. The players have NEVER been in the equation.

The floor staff of that room under Harrah's and now Resorts have a track record of marching orders which have them interacting with patrons in the most devious, tricky, and dishonest manner imaginable. They are experts at deflecting and dismissing player complaints.

(The floor staff of that joint have always been trained/instructed "in house". That room has never been operated in what could be construed as a "professional" manner. It's the East Chicago Indiana version of a poker room.)

Last night at Resorts East Chicago there was what I thought an odd call by the poker room manager. The game was 10/20 holdem with a Ĺ kill. Player with the kill was in the small blind and posted $15. Everybody folded to the small blind who asked the big blind if he wanted to chop. Both players agreed than the dealer said that you cannot chop a kill pot. So the big blind put $5 more in and both checked to the river. It turns out both players had the same hand and both take there blinds back. Now the dealer tells the player with the kill button to post a kill again. The player says I didnít win anything so the card room manager is called and agrees with the dealer. I feel that this was a bad call by the card room manager.

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