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Default Re: J9s - Open Limp, Cold Call, Donk - Every street needs comments

My head hurts trying to follow this action. Here are my thoughts in random order:

Ya, PF call is a little thin.

I'd fold the flop when it's 2 back to you because I'm not sure you really are ahead and when behind you have like 3 outs plus you have to dodge another spade plus the PF raiser isn't going to give you any free cards.

Even if you are ahead you'll get drawn out on fairly often.

Coming alive against a PF raiser and a flop better into PF raiser with an overcard to your pair and 3 to a suit on the board is spewing.

Edit: You also look like the meat in a raise sandwidch.

[/ QUOTE ]

Whats hard to follow? I've typed everything out in order.

I guess the flop is the key here, I do think I'm head and if a non-spade falls on the turn, then a flush draw is only going to win 20% of the time. I'm not saying I'm an 80% favorite but my pot equity would probably be great better than 1 in 3. Of course the high card is a problem.

Should I check/fold a broadway, ace or spade on the turn and donk any other card?

Given how the hand played out - what about the river here?

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