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Default Re: 3-bet the Turn and River, or just Call?

With the SB along for the ride, did you consider checkraising the turn? Villain has given every indication that he will bet. You're certainly going to showdown; the only question is for how much.

If you can put the villain on a range of hands where he would call two cold UTG+1 with QT preflop, then I think you're ahead often enough to be more aggressive here. Is he that loose, or is QT just wishful thinking? To me, it sure seems like he's playing TT and not QT, but I don't have your reads. If I think he's that LAG then I raise the turn; I check/call the river if he caps; if he just calls the turn then I bet/call the river.

Of course, that's just me; I'm interested in reading other replies here to see how wrong I am. [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]
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