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Default 2-card Poker: Favorite Hands

Imagine a game of 2-card poker. It is exactly like hold'em, except there is only a pre-flop, and the best 2-card hand wins (pair > high card > all else). In an x-handed game, which hands are favorites on average? I attempted to solve this problem myself, but I think my solution might be slightly off:

2 [J9, AA]
3 [QT, AA]
4 [K6, AA]
5 [KT, AA]
6 [KQ, AA]
7 [A3, AA]
8 [A4, AA]
9 [A5, AA]

Would someone verify if I'm correct using math and/or simulations? Thanks [img]/images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img]
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