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Default $25 PLO hand

I'm just starting to learn this game. Pretty typical table. Nothing really out of the ordinary. Fairly tight. Sorry, I couldn't get the converter to work.

I'm dealt AJTT double suited (clubs and spades) in late position. Villian has me covered. I have $26.

It's limped around, 5 people to the flop. I'm last to act.

Flop is 4 8 T rainbow

Checked by 3 people. Villian leads for $0.75. I pot it to $3.55. 3 folds and Villian calls.

Turn is a Qh (two hearts on board)

Villian pots it. $8.05.

Your action?

I think a preflop raise would have allowed this hand to play itself. As played, I think I have to fold. Is this hand worth a raise?


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