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Default Re: Do I need to pay this off??


Ok. Let's assume for the moment that all of you who would check the flop are correct. Why? I gave my reasons why I thought a flop bet was correct what are your reasons for thinking that a check is correct? My play may be wrong. This is poker not rocket science and I'm a recreational player not a pro so I very well could be wrong. But I need more of a reason than just because we say so.

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"I'm sorry but I don't give free cards to 3 other players on the flop with a board like this one. And neither should you."

You're not giving a free card, you're taking one. The continuation bet takes this pot down on the flop just about never. You more than likely do not have the best hand, equity-wise, at the moment. You need to improve to win. It is checked to you. Why on earth would betting be superior to taking the free card here?

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This was a post from earlier on. To add on to this, you will get check-raised here often and you'll have to fold to that check-raise, when you would've had a chance to improve as you did in this hand if you had just checked.