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Default Re: Stars VIP + Turbos vs Party sngs

* On stars there is a huge gap bewteen early blind levels and late ones. I.e you have 10/20 blinds and 1500 chips vs 800 and 10/15.

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That's just one extra level. Heck, you could probably sit it out without significantly affecting your results if you wanted to. The second level at Stars (15/30 @ 1500) is roughly equivalent to the first level at Party. Just go from there. Maybe I'm being naive, but I don't see how the games can be that different. Get bubble play down to a science, and I'm sure you'll be a big winner at either site.

* People seem to spite call more on the bubble on Stars

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I know it's frustrating, but theoretically, the spite callers are making mistakes. Learn to make those mistakes help you. Maybe it means playing a tad tighter at Stars, and letting your opponents get spite called. Maybe it means taking better notes at Stars and learning who the spite callers are. While it seems monstrous at times, the players pool is finite. Study your opponents. Play poker and adjust.

* The stars blinds seem to increase alot more late on, whereas Party has a more gradual increase

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The blinds do get astronomical at times on Stars, I'll give you that. Games routinely reach the 400/800 blind level at Stars. Probably a third of them. Unless your stacks are almost exactly even heads up, it's probably close to optimal to go all-in and call all-in every time with blinds this large. Learn to live with heads up being a 50-50 proposition (your real money comes from the bubble anyway). Occasionally you'll run into a super-passive opponent that you can run over at these blind levels.
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