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Default Re: Which Holdem tracker ?

I want a poker tracker only. I'm interested only in hand histories, other players habits (including on other tables), and my own hand behaviour.
I can do my own pot odds, and don't want hand advice.
I have accounts at PP, Empire and Pokerroom.
Which package would you advise using ?

[/ QUOTE ] said it yourself in your is actually called PokerTracker.

there are other alternative stats programs out there but pokertracker is definately the gold-standard.

go here:

pokertracker site

it is a very sophisticated program and i guarantee you will be amazed.

there is a pokertracker handbook that some knowledgable players but together, which i recommend to get you started (see a "sticky" on the poker tracker forums).

if you play no limit also check out the series of poker tracker articles by excession (andy mcnish), which appear on the BetthePot site here. a couple are slightly outdated as they were written before the magic of PAHUD (see below).

you won't have any trouble at all if you thouroughly read both of these sources plus the pokertracker forums for any additional questions.

using pokertracker will allow you to focus in on your own playing tendencies after the fact.

if you want to harness this power and see other players tendencies in real-time while you are playing then you need to get yourself a heads up display (HUD).

pokeraceHUD (PAHUD) has no equal and runs a mere $25. there is a free program called gametime plus or you can use the gametime function built into pokertraker.

once you get up and running competently with both PT and PAHUD your game will never be the same.

cheers and good luck,

ps. in addition, both of these programs offer top notch customer support.
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