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Default Re: A question about interpreting PT AF and reading players

Lets say the guy bets once and calls 9 times, his AF is .10 right? I think I've been using this number a little misleading. Against this guy I would probably not semibluff and definetly wouldn't bluff him as you should never bluff a calling station.

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AF won't tell you whether someone is a calling station or not. You are correct that AF isn't a good indicator about whether someone is going to fold, and you wouldn't generally use AF to determine whether to bluff or semibluff a player.

For example, let's imagine two players who you've bet into on 100 turns.

Player 1 folded 60 times, raised 20 times, and called 20 times.

Player 2 folded 20 times, raised 40 times, and called 40 times.

Both players have the same AF (of 1).

But, from a purely statistical point of view, player 1 is 3 times more likely to fold.

If anything, Went to Showdown or Folded on [Street] is the stat you would look at it to indicate how (statistically) likely someone is to fold to a bluff.

Certainly I should still use it(AF) to value bet...

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Not really. In general, AF is best at helping you interpret a player's bets. When a player with low AF bets or raises, it is more likely to mean a strong hand.


Also, what about when you get mixed reads from someone. Another example, a player would bluff on the river with broken draws but also payed out with weak holdings. If I write bluffer/calling station in my notes that's a little inconsistent.

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Maybe part of the problem is that we are trained to equate calling with passivity but they are two distinct things.

I like to think of a separate attribute which is tenacity. A tenacious player is one that doesn't like to let go of a hand. They might always bet with nothing or they might never bet the nuts, but in either case they hate to fold. Day in and day out they're always there, clinging to my pots like a barnacle. Oh God how I hate them. And yet I love them, too. Sorry, what were we talking about?

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