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Default Re: A question about interpreting PT AF and reading players

So, how should I use this number without reads(real reads that is).

[/ QUOTE ]

Maybe I misread it or maybe you didn't mean it to come out this way but (for me anyway) I don't use anything as a substitute for reads/observation (guy could've been fired that day and playing out of character; could've just had massive beats before I got there and is steaming, also possible he's really improved since the last time I saw him). Even with stacks of info on the guy stats are like at the bottom of my checklist; lot of times I don't even look at them.

Here's a link with some pretty good AF info I think addresses what you're really interested in:

web page

As far as notes, I try not to generalize (works for me); and unless the guy is a reliable super psycho I try not to even characterize him. Mostly what I do is put down exactly what happened that made me want to make a note. This is more helpful (to me) so that when I see him again I don't have to wonder "now why did I say this guy was an assclown?"

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