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Default Re: Question on all in situations

I had a similar situation once..

I opened with a raise with AK, person to my left goes all-in for not much more, a 3rd player goes allin as well, who has me covered.

I folded, but flipped my cards face up when I said it..

One of the guys got all upset with me saying that its wrong to do it.
I said that it is not a violation of the rules and it doesnt effect the outcome...
Ive seen it done in casinos as well... not just verbally announcing your hand, but flipping your hand as you fold.. kind of like an information fold... saying you were really strong but are folding because you are beat. It has its purposes in some situations I guess.

Anyway, there really isnt anything wrong with it. Some people just want to have 'hope' I guess.. but thats just silly.
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