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Default Re: Introduction/Bankroll question

Start at low Limit hold em. That is where the most fish are. There are lots of fish at small blind No limit hold em as well, but you're not adequately bankrolled for that yet and most players start with limit first. I'd go to Stars and play on their microlimit tables, .02/.04 and .05/.10. 25 is more than enough to play on .02/.04 and once you build your 25 up to 30 you can move to .05/.10 and then once you get to 150, .25/.50. Once you get to 300 you can start all the Bonus stuff homer talks about, and get into Party .50/1 ASAP.

You'd like to have 300 Big Bets at each limit before moving up. That's why I said to start with your 25 at Stars. If you could do 50 it would be better because I think that's the minimum deposit at Stars. Then you would be VERY well bankrolled for the .05/.10 and could get to .25/.50 in the course of a couple of months.

.05/.10 also has the advantage of not being raked(Stars doesn't take any money out of the pots), so the pots you win are bigger.

Post some hands once you get settled, using bison's converter.

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