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04-20-2002 08:50 AM

greektown report..

i played in detroit greektown last weekend....finally able to get a seat....they have 8 tables...generally 2 x 3-10 he...1 x1 10-20 he (2 one night), 20 40 he( alternating 20-40 om hi only nit i played), a few spread 7 stud (2-10), and (4-20), and had pot limit he one night..

rake 10% up to 5.00, i felt that was heavy at 5-10 level, which i generally hate, but i did very well at 5-10 waiting for higher games....

generally, i was able to get in one of the he games within 1/2 hour...the 5-10...for those of you that must play 10-20 or higher call ahead and get up on the took at least 3 hours to get transferred to 10-20 or 20-40 each of the 4 nites i played...

the games at 5-10 were ez, i won every day, just playing tite solid...mostly 5-6 way action on flop and a few tuff aggressive playetrs, but generally passive..

higher games tuffer with some very good players, but still somewhat loose, and beatable,,,very rare to see a chop in 30 hours playing at higher limits...

only comps thru snack bar 6.00 max...gr8deep dish pizza available carryout...not a sophisticated 20-40 g at 4am...someone noticed a huge mark on ace spades...we changed decks, but supervisor refused a set-up for hours...."play with whatcha got, i ain't burning all my cards"...

oh yeah...see if you can get a massage from krista hdpm will remember

04-20-2002 05:02 PM

Re: greektown report..

Sounds like you have more to feel guilty about than me. :-)

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