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BIGRED 07-19-2005 02:26 PM

Difference between 55 and 109 in Party
I play thru Eurobet but I'm assuming the SNGs there are the same as the PartyPoker SNGs.

I normally play 5/10 6-max, but for the first time in my 2 year online experience, I played mostly SNGs this month. I am not completely new to SNGs because I have played it on and off as a relief from limit games before. But July is the first month that I've played mostly SNGs.

I felt confident in my game to play 55, and so far after having about 300 games at this level, I am crusing at a pretty good pace. About a week ago, I decided to mix in some 109s to see how tough that level is compared to 55s.

So far I'm noticing that it is much tougher than 55s. I only have about 30 109s so far, but the general trend I notice is that players last longer thru the levels, so that you still have 5 to 7 players in the game at the mid levels (like 75/150 blind) more often than you would in a 55 SNG.

Of course, I expected 109 to be harder than 55, but I'm just trying to gauge how much. I think based on what I saw and knowing my game, 55 is good for me. 109 might be too risky for me right now.

But I just wanted to hear from others who went from 55 to 109 and what they thought of the difference.

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