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eastbay 01-19-2005 03:27 PM

california grand
Anyone played HE there? The web site had crap for information about the games.


haakee 01-19-2005 03:33 PM

Re: california grand
They have 3-6, 6-12, and 12-24. They have some no limit game too. Maybe $200 buyin, 2-4 blinds?? Not sure. They have maybe 10-12 poker tables.

StevieP 01-19-2005 06:08 PM

Re: california grand
I played here once and found it to be profitable...this is partly due to a coupon I found in CardPlayer magazine that allows for a $20 buy in to receive $50 in chips. You can also probably download that coupon from their website. There's always 2 coupons in every issue of cardplayer mag too. You can only use the coupon once because they record your information when you use it and you need to stay playing for 2 hours(i didn't see that strictly enforced)...

Anyways I went there with my coupon and gave them $30, and got $60 in chips and played 3-6 and walked nearly 2 hours later with almost $200. The people at the table kept calling me "coupon boy" after I swept the chips my way a few times...A nice way to try the place out....the play wasn't too difficult either.


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