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z32fanatic 12-25-2005 12:56 AM

***Official I Just Dominated My FFL Thread***
The starting team of:
R. Moss
S. Moss
S. Graham

will never be duplicated. I ran over my league, registering the highest 4 scores of the season, doubling my opponent in the finals. Post your other domination stories here. Anybody go undefeated?

ligastar 12-25-2005 01:09 AM

Re: ***Official I Just Dominated My FFL Thread***
10 man league and I start off slow (2-3) and then initiate a blockbuster trade (my Chad Johnson for Peyton Manning...villain also had Palmer and Bledsoe and they were actually higher rated after 5 weeks than Peyton) that changed my season. I proceed to go 8-3 (including both weeks of the playoffs) and win the league after being the #4 seed.

The big story was Ronnie Brown not being able to go (Domanick Davis was one of my go to backs and was out today) so I put in Ricky Williams and he is a beast when he gets carries. The guy is a workhorse who needs 30 carries a game and he got them today and delivered.

Also, I couldn't start Manning (no long will he start...although we do play Team QB and not individual QBs) so I went with Redskins Team QB and I also have Santana Moss on my roster. Just sick the numbers I got from Redskins Team QB and Moss.

Truth be told I am tied at 123.1 right now but villain has nobody else going and I've go Derrick Mason...I like my chances.

My line-up this week:

Redskins Team QB
Run Ricky Run
Mike Anderson
Santana Moss
Derrick Mason
Anquan Boldin
Dallas Clark
Panthers D/ST
Lawrence Tynes

Greg H.

hoyaboy1 12-25-2005 01:28 AM

Re: ***Official I Just Dominated My FFL Thread***
Only 2 guys that I drafted were in my final lineup - Santana Moss and Larry Johnson. The other 8 were picked up off waivers - 5 of which happened in the last 2 weeks (Garrard, D. Bennet, Engram, C. Houston, J. Lewis).

I am currently up 20 with 3 guys left, and my opponent only has Thomas Jones. I think winning the championship without any contribution from my top 11 picks (due to injury, mainly) is pretty good.

utmt40 12-25-2005 02:00 AM

Re: ***Official I Just Dominated My FFL Thread***
I started out 1-4 and havent lost since!

pryor15 12-26-2005 01:19 AM

Re: ***Official I Just Dominated My FFL Thread***
in my 2 leagues, it's been a combined 17 weeks since anyone has gotten within 10 points of me. my average margin of victory over that time is well over 25, i think. i have 3 total losses

i clinched the 1 seeds so long ago i forgot who i'd been playing.

sadly, this week is the only one in forever that's been close. i'm only up 20 in the brown trout league and he's still got corey dillon left. my other one i'm up over 70 and i've got dillon to go.

the secret, ladies and gentlemen, is drafting Larry Johnson.

Jack of Arcades 12-26-2005 01:39 AM

Re: ***Official I Just Dominated My FFL Thread***
yeah, I did this in protrade and it's worked out pretty nicely.

Victor 12-26-2005 01:40 AM

Re: ***Official I Just Dominated My FFL Thread***
the secret, ladies and gentlemen, is drafting Larry Johnson.

[/ QUOTE ]

yea, i did this in 2 leagues and had similar results.

Iplayboard 12-26-2005 03:12 AM

Re: ***Official I Just Dominated My FFL Thread***
Fantasy football can be a pretty big crapshoot in the playoffs. Sometimes there is just one dominate team that rolls everybody, but the leagues I have played in have been pretty balanced.

I won my second title in 6 years after backdooring my way into the playoffs (losing 3 out of last 4 and winning the Wild Card by 1/2 game). The two times I have won were not my best teams.

You basically just need a good enough team to get into the postseason and then hope to get hot or that your opponents go cold.

SammyKid11 12-27-2005 03:41 AM

Re: ***Official I Just Dominated My FFL Thread***
I technically went 12-2, though the second loss was on purpose (my starting lineup would have won) to manipulate playoff positioning to my advantage.

PWN3D both games of the playoffs en route to the title. So, my de facto record overall would be 15-1, outscoring second place by ~250 total points. Eight-team league, my late-season starting lineup was:

C. Palmer
S. Alexander
M. Anderson
M. Harrison
C. Johnson
D. Mason
L. Tynes
Chicago D

with other noteables throughout my season being D. McNabb, B. Westbrook, S. Gado, I. Bruce, Fragile Fred, B. Leftwich (picked him up after McNabb got hurt...great move that netted me nothing), A. Johnson.

Basically, though - nobody in my league came close to me all season was humiliating (for them), wire-to-wire win.

TheNoodleMan 12-27-2005 03:49 AM

Re: ***Official I Just Dominated My FFL Thread***
10 team keeper league, 8 keepers.
Chad Johnson
Matt Jones
Kevin Jones
Jeramy Stevens
Jacksonville Def
plus another couple of roster scrubs that included a perfectly timed J. Wells in the playoffs.
My team went 13-1 in the regular season and held up in the playoffs despite palying the championship w/o Peyton and Marv. I built this team up over the course of 4 seasons and only won because of Wells.

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