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03-29-2002 06:36 PM


will there ever be peace in middle east???,,,the world...

well, i wish everyone on 2 + 2 a personal peace, at best wishes this beautiful spring,easter, passover, or reading of the

03-29-2002 07:49 PM

Re: peace..

Yeah, I had the same thoughts when I heard a 16-year-old Palestinian girl blew herself up with two Israelis.

The world is meschugah. People think if they kill enough of the other ones it will... what?

I am so sad for both the Israelis and the Palestinians. It seems so obvious to me that the Palestinians should have a country to live in, and the Israelis should be allowed to live in peace. Clearly I don't understand something.

Because the world is meschugah.

Regards, Lee

04-01-2002 10:27 PM

Re: peace..

Its unfortunate, but there are some people and institutions that only proliferate and survive in turmoil and war. With peace what would Hamas do? What would the huge Israeli army with its world-class weaponry do. I don't choose sides in this, but I agree peace looks far far off...

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