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7duceoff 07-16-2005 11:37 AM

All in advice needed...
I play almost exclusively HU SNG's. My success/failure rate is not my question here. Recently I have been coming more and more into contact with this player:

I start out pretty aggressive, raising the button roughly 75% of the time. I usually end up taking a chip lead of close to 2 to 1. Lately I have been running into players, once I assume this chip lead, who start pushing all in pre-flop.

The trouble with this is that the blinds are still usually 15/30 or 25/50 (2nd or 3rd level).

My question is this: What types of hands do I want to be calling their all in's with? My current level is with A9o being the lowest ace, Kw/any other paint, any pair.

Should I be loosening/tightening up?

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