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chav 12-29-2005 04:55 AM

20/40 hand-recoup of pf -EV?
I have always pondered the following question:Can an expert post flop play recoup a small -EV pre-flop mistake?This hand got me thinking again:
20/40 paradise.Just sat down no stats on anyone.
3 flod MP1 limps I raise in CO with AKo BB calls, MP1 calls,3 way action,6 1/2 SB.
Flop:44h3h.Checked to me i bet BB c/raises,MP1 calls i call.
Turn: 44h3h/Ah.check,check I check.
My thinking is the way i played the hand it screams Ax and i might get c/raised by the trips or the flush especially with MP1 cold calling on the flop.Plus if I`m ahead there are very few cards that can heart me on the river+ 2A that make me full which i will not get if c/r fold on the turn.
check,check I bet BB folds,MP1 calls shows 6h7h takes the pot.
I think he was afraid of a full or higher flush and wasn`t going for the c/r on the turn since he only check-called the river instead of c/r(after BB already folded).I know i would of got at least 1 more probably 2 BB either betting the turn ( u don`t want to give a higher h a free card) or by c/r the river.Anyways what do you all think :can an expert play postflop recoup slight -EV pf plays (like limping EP/MP with small suited conn.) and if yes how far can u go with that
i.e 9,10 Ep/Mp?

Play smart,not hard.

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