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12-27-2005 06:09 PM

Freeroll tourney push question
I was at a freeroll tourney at a local bar yesterday. There were about 50 people that entered and top 3 get gift certificates as prizes. Anyway, there are about 25 people left now, I have 1600 chips, and blinds are 100/200. I get KQo UTG. 7 People at my table. What's my best play? Standard raise, push or fold?

Also, I've played in a bunch of local tournaments like these before (~$20) buy in and it always seems like I play tight but the good cards don't come and I always end up having to wait until the blinds go up and start going all in to try and double up. What's the best way to tackle these? Am I just not getting good cards because of variance or should I be more agressive with weaker holdings when the blinds move up relatively quickly and the people at the tables are dealing so it goes even slower because of that?

12-27-2005 07:57 PM

Re: Freeroll tourney push question
Fold preflop.
To place in freerolls you want to be ALLIN preflop every time your cards have a slight edge, regardless of blind size. KQ does not have any edge against 7 random hands, and you may be dominated. In the case of UTG 7handed you want to wait for AQ/55 and then jam.
With the blinds really high, if you're shortstacked you should also push-n-pray with crap like 75suited if there's been a bunch of limpers in front of you.
Just my $0.02
As for how to beat $20 tourneys, I'll let someone better than me sound off on that.

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