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12-29-2005 07:05 PM

In sight of HU S&G Help
I seem to really fall apart in HU play lately in my Turbo S&G's.. it takes away from the feeling of profit because i've left a lot of money "on the table". It's like I lost $45 or whatever the difference is between 1st and 2nd instead of being happy with + X buy-ins.

Here's the common scenario I'm facing:

Stars Turbo, 1500 chips to start

about even stacks or within range of each other going HU(few blind steals apart), $13,500 in play and I'll usually be in the range of 5-8K going heads up, so anybody's game.

Blinds at this point are in the 300-600 or 400-800 range.

I know with <10BB I should be pushing and playing pretty aggressive, but the problem is my opponent is also thinking the same thing and will also call with marginal holdings due to the blind structure.. so is it better to fold on the button and wait for something decent before going all-in or try to steal from the button when your FE is iffy? I'm usually caught between the two, because I really don't want to give my opponent over 1200 in blinds, which is like 10% of the chips in play.. I also don't want to wait for a good hand because that could take a while, but stealing with trash or marginal hands hasn't been working either.

So, when the blinds are high and the stacks are about the same, are you open pushing anything from the button or will you fold and wait for something better?

P.S. Of course I could always complete, but that doesn't seem right with such low chip stacks.

Snarf 12-29-2005 08:09 PM

Re: In sight of HU S&G Help
Way too general.. Post some specific hands that bother you...

My total guess/stab in the dark would be that your sample size is seems like you're on track as far as 'right ideas' go...

UMTerp 12-29-2005 08:23 PM

Re: In sight of HU S&G Help
Marwan, if you're really having that much trouble with it, once it gets to 300-600, just push any time he completes, any pair or with any two cards that add up to 14 or higher, and call with any pair, A, K, or cards that add up to 17 or higher. Never raise less than all-in.

I just made up those guidelines off the top of my head, and I'm sure somebody could give more optimal ones with a little math, but if you're struggling that much with heads up, it should get you to at least a 50-50 proposition against the $27 competition.

I generally don't complete much, but if he's doing it occasionally, you might try it once to see if he'll let you get away with it.

the shadow 12-30-2005 02:53 AM

Re: In sight of HU S&G Help
To make it even simpler, if you're starting with even stacks but winning less than 40% of the time HU, once the short stack gets below 10 BBs, push with any two cards that add up to two or higher. Maybe it's not optimal, but you're going to improve your win ratio.

The Shadow

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