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nolanfan34 11-30-2004 01:32 AM

A sign that you have too many fantasy football teams
I had the outcome of four different games tonight riding on the Pack/Rams game. All four had playoff implications.

Game 1 - I need 15+ pts. from Donald Driver for the win.

Game 2 - Against AA (who got 45 from Peyton Manning this week) in the 2+2 league, I have a 10 pt. lead and need Torry Holt to get less than that.

Game 3 - Need Bubba Franks to have less than 20 pts. (passing heavy league).

Game 4 - Need Marc Bulger, Marshall Faulk, and Ahman Green to score less than 60 combined.


Game 1 - Driver scores 17.

Game 2 - Holt scores 7.5. Bobbles a late catch that would have put him close to 10 pts.

Game 3 - Franks has a TD in the first half, but only manages 10 pts.

Game 4 - Ahman doesn't play, Faulk doesn't do squat, and Bulger's game is not enough - 50 pts. combined.

I go 4-0 in tonight's games. Time to buy a lottery ticket.

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