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mustmuck 07-03-2005 06:46 PM

2/4 ring: some bad plays (3 hands)

I think I'm writing this post more for the sake of writing it than looking for advice, although any advice is, of course, welcome. My thinking is that the act of writing about it will help me play better in the future. Most of this is just ignoring my own reads.

I'm going to post three hands that I played badly.

All games are 2/4 full ring.

Hand 1
Assume stacks of ~$400

I'm dealt KdKc MP2. UTG calls, folds, I make it $20, CO (poster) calls, folds, UTG calls.

Flop: 8cTc9d (Pot: $66)

UTG bets $32, I call, CO folds.

Turn: 3h (Pot: $130)

UTG bets $56, I call.

River: 5d (Pot: $242)

UTG bets $88, I call.

My first mistake may have been raising too little preflop, but I don't think that this would have made any difference to the hand.

On the flop, I'm pretty sure that UTG has made a set, with a small chance of JJ. What I think I should have done is reraised the flop with the intention of folding to another raise. I don't think he's drawing a flush or has a straight here, and I was calling on the off chance that he was playing JJ. Dumb.

Results in white:
<font color="white"> UTG shows 9h9c for the flopped set </font>

Hand 2
Relevant stacks:
Me: ~$900
MP3: ~$340
BB: ~$1100

I'm dealt AcTh UTG+2. Two folds, I call, folds, MP3 and CO call, SB completes and BB checks.

Flop: AdTs8h

Button checks, I bet out for $16, MP3 makes it $32, CO and SB fold, BB calls. (Pot: $100)
I reraise to $160. MP3 calls, as does BB.

I didn't like BBs call here, as I wasn't expecting it. I don't know him, but I thought he might consider us deep enough to call on a straight draw. MP3 I do know, and I'm fairly sure I have him beaten. He would have pushed a set in this position. (Pot: $500)

Turn: 7d

BB checks, I bet out $204, MP3 calls (all in), BB calls. (Pot: $1077)

I think this was a mistake. My thinking at the time was that I want BB out of the pot if he missed his straight, and I want MP3 all in. I don't want to bet enough to commit me to calling a push from BB. I'm also wary of being blindsided by the player I'm not concentrating on, which is a leak in my play.

River: 3h

BB checks, I check. (Pot $1077)

Results in white:
<font color="white"> MP3 shows As8c and BB shows TcTd </font>

Hand 3
UTG+1 has about $400, MP3 has about $200 and I have them covered.

I'm dealt AcKc UTG.

I call*, UTG+1 calls, MP1 calls, MP3 calls, CO calls, buttons calls, SB folds, BB checks.

(*first mistake right here?)

Flop AsAh3s (Pot: $30)
Checks to MP3 who bets $4, CO makes it $8, button calls, BB folds, I make it $50.
UTG+1 pushes, folds, MP3 calls, folds, (Pot: ~$700)
I call. (Pot:~$1020)

Turn: 2d

River: Jc

I know UTG+1 pretty well, and there are only two hands he is going to show here. 33 or AK. The call by MP3 makes 33 much more likely. Having made this read, I proceeded to totally ignore it.

Results in white:
<font color="white"> UTG+1 shows 3d3h and MP3 shows Ad8h </font>

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