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Jett Rink 08-26-2005 05:56 AM

Some Neteller questions
Just some Neteller questions from a guy who has just taken his payouts the cheque in the mail way. Thinking I would not mind speeding up the process of getting my money. Also, might start going after some bonuses at other sites so here are some questions.

I'm Canadian so should I have a US account at my bank to do this? I assume it would make things easier...depositing $200 would be $200 instead of worrying about how much $200 US is in Canadian.

Are there any fees for deposit or withdrawl?

Would I be able to open the account and transfer money from Paradise to Neteller and then from Neteller to say Absolute without first putting money from my bank account into Neteller? Seems like an obvious yes but I don't know.

Thanks for any help.

mattw 08-26-2005 07:49 AM

Re: Some Neteller questions
if you can get a USD bank account, this will save you on conversion fees, i think 1.9%.

there is no fees for depositing/withdrawing via EFT.

yes, you can withdraw from one poker site, wait till it hits neteller, than deposit to another site.

the only time your bank is involved is when you withdraw from neteller to it or you need to make another deposit to neteller.

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