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08-27-2005 06:19 PM

Starting on Bet365

I just started an account at Bet365 for the 50$ bonus. However, Ive played more than 50 raked hands and nothing has happened (no bonus $ shows up in the bank). I emailed support to ask what I need to do to get it, and they sent me a pretty ambiguous response saying something about using the Playcheck function. Does anyone know specifically what to do to start clearing?


Aviston 08-27-2005 07:07 PM

Re: Starting on Bet365
I believe a hand does not count as 'raked' until the pot reaches $4 (a .25 rake). This may or may not be the reason you haven't completed 50 raked hands.

NateDog 08-27-2005 09:34 PM

Re: Starting on Bet365
And isn't it 250 raked hands?

GoCubsGo 08-27-2005 09:50 PM

Re: Starting on Bet365
Bumping past spam.

Rockfish 08-27-2005 11:11 PM

Re: Starting on Bet365
Just play and it will clear. Hands are raked at $5 and it will go fast enough. I cleared the bonus in less than three hours three tabling 0.5/1 6 max. There is a raked hands counter in the lobby but it doesn't match what customer service will tell you although it's pretty close.

After you have played the 250 raked hands you must contact them with something like "Free Poker Chips" in the subject line of your e-mail. They'll get back to you quickly enough.

To cash out you'll have to go into Neteller and make a transfer from Bet365 to your account. Search the BonusWhores forum for the details. I forget the codes. Otherwise e-mail them and they'll tell you how to do it.

I found the customer service there very professional and courteous.

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