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03-26-2002 03:18 PM

vegas trip report...long, couldn\'t be helped!

...very relaxing, low key, all sessions (whether blackjack or poker)were fairly short by either design or circumstance...friday noon, fast check-in, then lunch and a little pool time, so far so good, haven't lost a dime yet, heh...5:30 pm. went to craps tourney reception and registration then off to the mirage...

...i know clarkmeister is doing the basketball thing but i look for him anyways...nope, not yet... the 10-20 was short handed, and a list for two 6-12 tables so i get in a good 5-10 with full kill omaha 8/better game, and not one round later it happens, a local completely ruined the game..WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?... this ridiculous exchange concerned "squaring the table" and completely broke a good table...i look over at the 10-20 and like what i see, it has filled up nicely and has a seat open, so off i go to the 10-20, where i get nothing playable, not even with your money, and then that game breaks up, no incident this time but got shorthanded again...well, i can get shorthanded games at home, and i'm in vegas dang-it, i want a good game, so up i get and over to a 6-12 which actually manages to stay at least 8-9 handed for two whole hours where i'm up about 10bb's until THAT game breaks...oh well, it's 11 pm...time to check out bellagio's and look for 2d and his black aloha hat, but no luck. the 15-30 games look good and i'm tempted, but there is a list and i'm burned out and i've got those bones to throw tomorrow so off to bed i go...

sat morning nice breakfast buffet and on to the craps tourney, woohoo, i advance to second round action which begins sun. 270 entrants, down to 130. i like my chances, heh...i need to give my hosts a little blackjack action, so i play some quarter blackjack and lose 300 in a couple hours... don't worry about it, i didn't to the pool and jacuzzi and a relaxing afternoon...

off to to the mirage for and early evening session and to pick up my buffet comp...the 10-20 looked terrible so i sat in a 6-12 which to be honest wasn't real good but managed to play my opponents well and booked a 10bb win and off to the buffet, did i mention i enjoy free crablegs?...

... i don't play poker well on a full stomach, and trust me, i was FULL... went back to our room and digested awhile and then headed over to bellagios about 11 pm to look for 2+2'ers. No go again finding 2d unfortunately but then i got a break, as i'm sweating the 30-60 game i see a gentleman filling up a small notebook (between hands) in a manner once described by our own jim brier, ... could it be?...yes, it's our own JIM BRIER, and i throw caution to the wind and introduce myself, and we have a great chat...i ask about vince!, and he points him out at a 15 game, so off i go over to his table hoping he is not tilting and in a bad mood, heh, for my sake mostly, heh...yea, he's running good so i introduce myself and we have a great chat as well...tells me i just missed mason AND david, bummer, but i did get to meet mason last fall, and likely would have made a fool of myself in the presence of the great oz, you know, open mouth insert foot, or something, maybe nextime...i ask about other 2+2'ers and vince reminds me dave in cali is probably at the mirage...i must find that wildman so off i go back to mirage...

mirage 12 pm. sat night...searching for dave in cali/vegas...searching for dave in cali/vegas... table to table...hmmm, that cat over there has purple shades on, hmmm...excuse me, sir, do you post on 2+2? EUREKA!, found you dave, and we have a great meeting as well. In a short time i have met 3 top notch 2+2'ers and i am on cloud nine. I sit in a very good 6-12 game til 2am and book a 12bb win... say g'night to D in C and head back to give my host's another hour blackjack action and call it a night at 3 am.

sun morning breakfast and off to the second round of the craps tourney where all are awarded 100 dollars for making it to the second round, wow, cool, wasn't expecting that...i just miss advancing to the third round and have no one to blame but myself, i had the dice on the last roll and fourth place locked up...(four players from each table advance to next round)... if i can only throw a non field number, but alas, i throw a hardway 10 and place 5th...dang, still it was alot of fun and won a black chip out of the deal...sit down with the wife and play a little quarter blackjack and make a quick 300 score...told you not to worry earlier, heh...well it's day 3 in vegas, and i have more money than i came here with...we're treading on new ground here people...has all my hard work begun to pay off?...

...sunday afternoon, searching for the clarkmeister... on a mission i head back to mirage, and bingo, find him right away, and i had an excellent time sharing poker stuff with him, really great... dave in cali/vegas had played all night long and was still in the room, having a good ol' time, his opponents really had no idea who they were messing a bite to eat and returned for my last session of 6-12...sat down in the table clarkmeister had recently left and booked one last 2 hour 10bb you sense a recurring theme here?...sort of hit and run related?...heh...racked up and said goodbye to d in c, was watching when he hit the AKd hand, flopped a K and 2 diamonds and hit the nuts on the river, woohoo, life is good!...

by far the highlight of the trip for me was getting to meet some fellow 2+2'ers... jim brier, vince!, and dave in cali/vegas on sat. night and then the clarkmeister (finally) on sunday afternoon...all, to the man, got up and treated me like family, and it was greatly appreciated...i guess we are all one big poker family really, i mean we must be, to spend so much time discussing and sharing strategies and ideas to help each other improve our games, etc...sorry i missed dynasty, pokerbabe (aka) 2d, and anyone else... hopefully next time...sorry if i took too much bandwidth on this but the entire trip was a real hoot and i don't get out of the holler much...heh, i'll post a few hands later best wishes hillbilly

03-26-2002 03:30 PM

Nice post

Nice report, entertaining writing. But I don't quite get this statement:

"i just miss advancing to the third round and have no one to blame but myself, i had the dice on the last roll and fourth place locked up...(four players from each table advance to next round)... if i can only throw a non field number, but alas, i throw a hardway 10 and place 5th."

You mean sometimes you blame someone else when something bad happens at the craps table? [img]/images/wink.gif[/img]

03-26-2002 05:25 PM

just missed you X2


I got a bad beat at SFO, and didn't get in to Las Vegas until 2 AM Saturday morning. I got to Bellagio around 3 AM and played until 10. The next night I got to the room around midnight and played until 4 or so. Great 15 games both nights.

Word to the wise: National Airlines sucks. I'd say that I'm never flying them again, but I always say that until they dangle a cheap ticket in front of me. Short term gain vs. long term (mental) gain, I guess.

03-27-2002 05:36 PM

Re: Nice post

I was thinking along the same line, do people bet the field in a crap tourny? What is the "best" way to play a craps tourny compared to playing stright up?

Nice post, it makes me want to visit LV again (but then the poker is nice in LA).

03-27-2002 07:13 PM

my strategy...

...was to bet the minimum and let the others bust out. the chips don't carry over from round to round. for example, six (out of fourteen) went on from the 1st to 2nd round. it didn't matter if you had 14 in chips to make 6th or 1400 to be first, you all start with the same in the 2nd round. If you last thru 3 rounds, you make the final table and are "in the money" for at least 500...

in my case, in the second round, on the last roll, (with me in fourth, and four players advancing)the 5th and 6th, places made no moves to get ahead of me, hoping i would shoot myself in the foot somehow i guess, but the 7th place guy had just enough to pass me if he put it all on the field and hit. everyone bets in order on the last 3 rolls. i saw him place it of course, but didn't know how to combat it. i knew if he hit it he beats me, but if i put some chip on the field and lose, (he'll lose too of course) then the fifth place guy moves into MY spot. so like i said, i just stayed put and tried to throw a non field number but the crapsgod had the final say, "not today hillbilly". if there was another solution to my problem, my simple peabrain could not come up with it in the heat of the battle, heh.

i talked to some veteren craps tourney players and almost to a man they said the tourney is usually won with a big field bet.

03-27-2002 07:42 PM

Re: just missed you X2

airline problems aside, congrats on your nice time i guess, was really looking forward to some ray zee and tommy a. out for boris, he appears to be trying to get you drunk for some reason...heh

03-28-2002 07:52 AM

Re: vegas trip report...gr8 post

hey you hit the gold that's fer sure...were you at harrah's for craps??? gl

03-28-2002 08:54 PM

Re: vegas trip report...gr8 post

yes, harrahs took good care of me...right across the street from the mirage and about 8 minute walk to bellagio's, heaven (or hell, heh) on earth...i shall return...

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