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12-28-2005 12:41 AM

Good Desk
I saw a post here or somewhere about a good desk, but I am looking for a decent L-shaped desk where i can have my 2 monitors on one side and a decent work station on the other side. I looking to spend less than $200... if anyone could link me to their desk or a good one they know of that would be great.

Ringo_Mojo 12-28-2005 12:46 AM

Re: Good Desk

Its nothing special to look at but its cheap and does the job for me.

12-28-2005 12:57 AM

Re: Good Desk
Thanks for the hook-up, I seriously think I'm gonna get that.

Senor Cardgage 12-28-2005 01:00 AM

Re: Good Desk

kurosh 12-28-2005 01:41 AM

Re: Good Desk

12-28-2005 01:51 AM

Re: Good Desk

[/ QUOTE ]
how much did u spend on that desk?

kurosh 12-28-2005 01:53 AM

Re: Good Desk
$200 or maybe $100. I don't remember.

mason55 12-28-2005 02:17 AM

Re: Good Desk

Desk from Staples, right? I had that desk for about 3 years. Got it for about $100, seemed like a really good deal. I just threw mine away though because I moved and had no space for it in my new apt.

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