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Phill S 07-20-2005 10:08 AM

Re-raise to protect or call to trap?
This is a $10+1 i entered on betonbet, all you need to know is below:

No-limit Texas Hold'em $10+$1 (real money), #1,089,339,065
New York Single Table Tournament, 20 Jul 2005 9:39 AM ET

Seat 1: MrBeen ($750 in chips)
Seat 4: eps ($8,735 in chips)
Seat 5: glo ($3,050 in chips)
Seat 8: -Diceman- ($2,465 in chips) This is me btw

-Diceman- posts blind ($100), MrBeen posts blind ($200).

Im dealt AA in SB

eps folds, glo bets $400, -Diceman- calls $300, MrBeen folds.

FLOP [board cards JS,10C,4H ] (T 1000)
-Diceman- checks, glo bets $200, -Diceman- bets $2,065 and is all-in, glo calls $1,865.

TURN [board cards JS,10C,4H,4C ] (T 5130)

RIVER [board cards JS,10C,4H,4C,QH ]

-Diceman- shows [ AC,AD ]
glo shows [ KH,9H ]
glo wins $5,130.

Dealer: glo
Pot: $5,130
MrBeen, loses $200
eps, loses $0
glo, bets $2,465, collects $5,130, net $2,665
-Diceman-, loses $2,465

Now this isnt a bad beat, i dont give a flyer that i lost, but im interested in opinions on my line. My reads are slim, i dont think the small stack will come along here unless he has a hand (66+, A6+, KJ+). The button raiser has been making moves at my and the shortstacks blinds a lot, he has spotted that we are both willing to fold and he is quite rightly taking advantage.

I call for these reasons:
1, shortstack may be less scared off his hand by doing this, if he sees me calling it doesnt set off alarm bells saying fold to 3rd quite like it would if it raised back the button
2, the button will bet any flop when i check to him, of that i have no doubt
3, if the shortstack raises himself all in, i will get my stack into the middle one way or the other, worst case scenario is a lot of dead money for me to pick up
4, if i re-raise, im likely to see a fold as a call imo. I dont think he has a big hand, so i dont think he will want much to do with this hand if i re-raise him

As it happens, my predictions werent far off, i got all my money in as a massive fave on the flop and he drew out, such is poker.

Does anyone take the safer route and put more chips in the middle preflop? With his hand, and in heindsight, he woulda put me all in preflop. But imo i could have made a good chunky raise and maximised my gain whilst minimising his chances to suck out (in english, he pays to play, if he hits two pair or more, what can ya do). OR, i could have pushed to pick up what is already a sizable pot, if he calls more benefit to me.

So, call, or raise? And if you raise, how much (push, pot, minimum? Those are the 3 options that make sense to me, anything else?).

Thank you,


bluefeet 07-20-2005 10:12 AM

Re: Re-raise to protect or call to trap?

personally, i think you paid too much attention to the all-but-dead chips in the BB. i would have made it t1000 to go PF, and open-pushed any flop.

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