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45suited 12-31-2005 03:18 PM

Re: Curtains: pick off a PVS?
Would folding be terrible?

[/ QUOTE ]

I would have overpushed because it's too likely, given the BB's stack, the stack sizes of the other players (giving him reason to believe that he had good FE), and the amount of money in the pot that BB has a hand that you either are ahead of are racing with (PP's 10 and below) while having lots of overlay in the pot. Given this exact scenario, it could just be a true PVS. I'd overpush here.

Actually, as has already been said by others, I'd probably just push in the first place after the limper.

Dr_Jeckyl_00 12-31-2005 03:30 PM

Re: Curtains: pick off a PVS?
ok, so best to push 1st b/c AJs is pretty strong and the t125 is almost 20% of your stack and very valuable. Given that OP limped, over pushing villain's all-in is correct b/c he is likely trying to steal w/ a mediocre hand since he is short, and you're getting 1.5:1 odds which is good incase you're racing against a smaller PP, and if you're ahead, then the dead money is gold. Did I miss anything?

12-31-2005 05:17 PM

Re: Curtains: pick off a PVS?
Yeah BB vs. having others to act behind is a big factor, so as always is whether the game is 33, 55, 215 ...

This post just caught my eye because I have bought quite a few pots with this move lately and had the thought that maybe I should be doing this with total trash sometimes. If they fold anyway it makes no difference right? This is from recent play in the 55's.

That said, of course they don't always all fold so pulling this with trash is dangerous and the move should come with a warning on the label - don't try this at home kids.

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