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09-22-2005 12:49 PM

Beware, False Advertisement at Crazy

Lately while looking for a final destination for poker action I encountered an irresistible promotion on Bluff magazine June-July 2005 offering a $15 free chip , no deposit required (Exclusive for Bluff readers); and “restrictions apply” wasn’t printed anywhere!

Of course it was too good to be true!!!

I went to the link on the mag, , and realized I had to register a Credit Card to apply. Oh well! I saw the marketing purpose behind it and registered my Master Card. Then I had to send an e-mail to support. Over 24 hours after I was requested to send personal documentation and I couldn’t even play at the site to try it out. I would be willing to send info after testing the real money play and after you guys earn my trust was my reply, two days later I receive the same pre-defined answer requesting the info again! That’s when I realized that it was either computers answering e-mails or plain old incompetence! So I requested to close my account, requesting a reply from a human being; and what did I get? An e-mail saying that they regret loosing such a fine player (when I didn’t even play) and asking the reason for me to close my account!!!

Can any one see if I proceeded wrong at any time?

Please be aware that in this industry off shore companies do as they please and are able to get away with it, but don’t fall for as they don’t even care for upcoming customers, so can you be secure!?!

Best regards,


titans01 09-22-2005 01:00 PM

Re: Beware, False Advertisement at Crazy
I got the same $15 bonus and didn't need to provide documents until I went to cash out my 2nd time around. I agree that customer service is crappy but it's something you better get use to especially if you are going after nothing but free money. Crazy use to have some nice reloads but now has the rakeback deal. IMO you overreacted.

theben 09-22-2005 01:25 PM

Re: Beware, False Advertisement at Crazy
wanna go cry some more?

09-22-2005 02:15 PM

Re: Beware, False Advertisement at Crazy
In contrast to this, I had a pretty decent experience at Crazy Poker. Got the free $$, cleared the 40% bonus, and although the cashout speed isn't the quickest, it still went through without any trouble.

DuggleBogey 09-22-2005 02:36 PM

Re: Beware, False Advertisement at Crazy
I actually appreciate it when the poker rooms try to prevent fraud and underage gambling. If all rooms policed themselves well, we'd have less threat of some governing body regulating the hell out of it.

otter 09-22-2005 02:45 PM

Interesting point (nt)

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