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09-22-2005 04:36 AM

any tips to improve my bluff technic ?
I am playing no limit draw poker and holdem on private houses.Game is played max 6 players always same players.
The ante start with 5 Euro but fastly increase to 10 E till 20 even 40 E( buy-in 500 E for draw poker- holdem 20/40 E). Sometimes we make it blind. The game is loose and agressiv. As we know each others tells players for playng years together how can i do to make it more difficult for other player to read me, specially when i am bluffing. I have a tight image which allow me to steal blinds or reraise bluffers but 40 % of my big bluff are discover by 2 players who read me well on this occasion, probably coz of my emotions controlor others tells.

Sorry for my poor english , any tips on this subject will be appreciate.

Kaeser 09-22-2005 01:09 PM

Re: any tips to improve my bluff technic ?
Your ultimate goal is to look and act the same regardless of your strength or weakness. I'd try having a close friend watch you as you play.

smarterthanyoda 09-22-2005 08:11 PM

Re: any tips to improve my bluff technic ?
The best way to avoid giving tells is to learn how to spot them in other people and then avoid doing those same things yourself.

Study some of the literature about body language and expressions. ("Emotions Revealed," by Paul Ekman is a good start.) Once you understand the distinct movements that give tells, start practicing them in a mirror. When I tried that myself, I started recognizing the same movements when they came subconsciously.

Larry Phillips recommends putting a mirror next to your computer screen and watching yourself as you play a computer poker game, like "Poker Academy Pro." This never worked for me just because I didn't feel any kind of stake in the computer game.

Of course, this is assuming you're already aware of the types of broad tells like "Weak Means Strong." If you're looking for that level of tell, the best source I've seen is still "Caro's Book of Tells."

09-23-2005 03:19 AM

Re: any tips to improve my bluff technic ?
i dont know what tells u happen to give off but sometimes when i have either a monster or total air, if the money happens to be a serious amount of cash, i sometimes cant help but smile or grin, i can try and hold it but what would then happen is the end of my lips will curl up slightly and if its a long staredown i just burst out laughing or do a stymied (used that word wrong) type of laugh(more like a giggle).

anyway what helps me from smiling is gritting my teeth, ( i find this helps me limit my facial expression) and stops me from letting the occasional grin sneak out.

now i alwasy stay stonecold and grit my teeth whenever i have made a bet for someone to call weather i have it or not

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