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12-26-2005 10:24 PM

Las Vegas Tonight
I'll be playing some 1/2 NL games tonight, in Las Vegas. If there's anything notable, I'll report back. The city seems pretty busy, though not ridiculously crowded. It could be more busy tonight. There were lots of people checking in.

Caesar's room was pretty crowded in the early afternoon, with four 3/6 tables, and two 1/2 NL tables. The Bellagio was very, very, crowded earlier this afternoon, so I can imagine it'll be even more crowded tonight. Any other 2+2 people playing here the next few nights?

highlife 12-27-2005 12:38 AM

Re: Las Vegas Tonight
ill prob be at the bellagio 30-60 holdem or 20-40 stud, but i live here. enjoy the 1-2NL games, they are great anywhere in town, i highly recommend checking out bally's.

TheMetetron 12-27-2005 02:24 AM

Re: Las Vegas Tonight
So Caesar's is going to be a small limit place then? Guess I don't have to bother checking it out.

12-27-2005 04:49 AM

Re: Las Vegas Tonight
I think their aim is for it to have high limit games. I think 10/20 games have happened in the past few days. There's another thread here with some of that information. Keep in mind I visited the room at 1:00 PM or so. While the Wynn and Bellagio may have games running at those limits at that hour, it is probably unrealistic to expect a new room to do so. The room isn't as secluded as some have indicated. True, you need to walk through a short hall to get there, but it's right by the Celine Dion theater. I'll probably go there tomorrow night after the Seinfeld show and see if there are any good games going on.

I played at the MGM tonight. It was a pretty good game, with a few older guys who lost several hundred dollars because they were playing terribly (basically calling all bets and playing almost any hand). Unfortunately for me, I had mostly awful cards, so I wasn't one of the beneficiaries of that. I did come out about $40 up, but easily could have made more had I hit some good cards, like some of the other people on the table. As I said, there were a few players that called almost any bet, no matter the circumstance. It made for a profitable situation.

The room had large waiting lists when I left about a half hour ago. They did start one 1-2 game while I was there, but other than that, they didn't seem in a rush to start new games. The dealers were pretty good, though a few made minor mistakes, and a few were somewhat slow.

The system they have to indicate which seats are empty on the tables is pretty cool. While my table went down to 7 players at one point (and there was nobody waiting), they filled the seats pretty quickly. Overall, I enjoyed playing there a lot.

Al_Capone_Junior 12-27-2005 06:20 AM

Re: Las Vegas Tonight
I might be spotted out on the town late tonight and in the morning. Also, I'll be working late tuesday night/wed morning, kicking 'em all in the nuts first, and sorting them out later. [img]/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]


Dynasty 12-27-2005 07:37 AM

Re: Las Vegas Tonight
If there's anything notable, I'll report back.

[/ QUOTE ]

Here's a report from Caesars Palace tonight: somebody almost died.

A middle aged asian guy was choking and vomitting in the middle of the poker room at about 1-2am. It was freaking a few people out. It really looked like he might go.

Fortunately, he survived whatever the specific problem was and medics eventually arrived.

12-27-2005 08:35 AM

Re: Las Vegas Tonight
So Caesar's is going to be a small limit place then? Guess I don't have to bother checking it out.

[/ QUOTE ]

I did the $120+$100 tournament tonight. Two tables, 19 or 20 total entrants. Better than the two entrants they had Friday night. 3/6, 6/12, and 10/20 were going in the live room as well as 1/2NL, 2/5NL, and 5/10NL.

Got to play the tournament with the Texas hick who's seen yelling "yeehaw" in the WSOP commercials. He does this each time he wins a big hand. First one was kinda "cute". By the 6th or 7th, the cute had long worn off and the guy was the HUGE chip leader with like 2/3rds of the total chips in play (playing hands like 54o in the face of a large all-in raise because "it's my favorite hand"). But he's apparently a pretty nice the giant chip leader when our two tables combined to one he insisted the floor cut out $50 for every player at the final table. Who am I, as the short stack, to argue?

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