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BlackAces 01-19-2005 11:06 AM

Slowplaying a flopped flush
I think I got greedy on the turn, and it ended up freezing me on the river. Comments?

PokerStars Pot-Limit Omaha High, $0.50 BB (8 handed)

Button ($93.50)
SB ($28.05)
Hero ($62.25)
UTG ($34.70)
UTG 1 ($32.70)
MP1 ($52.15)
MP2 ($13.45)
CO ($13.15)

Preflop: Hero is BB with 8c, 5s, Qs, Ac.
UTG calls $0.50, 1 fold, MP1 calls $0.50, 1 fold, CO calls $0.50, Button raises to $1, SB calls $0.75, Hero calls $0.50, UTG calls $0.50, MP1 calls $0.50, CO calls $0.50.

Flop: ($6) Tc, 3c, 2c (6 players)
SB checks, Hero checks, UTG checks, MP1 checks, CO checks, Button checks.

Turn: ($6) 6s (6 players)
SB checks, Hero checks, UTG checks, MP1 checks, CO checks, Button checks.

River: ($6) 6d (6 players)
SB checks, Hero checks, UTG bets $0.5, MP1 folds, CO calls $0.50, Button calls $0.50, SB folds, Hero calls $0.50.

Final Pot: $8

Spladle Master 01-19-2005 12:29 PM

Re: Slowplaying a flopped flush

Don't do that.

hackmage 01-20-2005 07:38 PM

Re: Slowplaying a flopped flush
At this level on Party I will check the flop trying to get the K high flush to give me some action along with any two pairs/sets. Now on the turn if the board pairs, get out! The free card backfired as it normally does in PLO and you've lost a minimal amount. If it doesn't pair then a fairly big size bet is needed to really punish any set drawing to his boat, and any idiots with K high flush or straight draws. Normally I make it between 1/2 the pot and the full pot. This will keep most people from getting too scared but at the same time charge any draws, plus I don't mind making a lil gamble on the river now and again [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]. Hopefully a non-scare card falls on the river and I can make a bet I feel whatever second best hands will call with.

BUT this is how I'd play it on Party. Stars on the other hand you maybe walking into a lot of trouble, since I've heard the play is a lot better over there. If no one will give you action unless they have a big draw, a slowplay is uncalled for because a set will get there far too often by the river, especially when they aren't charged. If the Party PLO $25 tables weren't full of idiotic NLHE players pushing in pot-sized bets with a K hi flush, I would NEVER SLOWPLAY THIS HAND. An occasional free turn card with a made flush has been very +EV for me on Party since most people will not give you ANY action on this flop and you gotta make it look like you're buyin the pot on the turn to get some.

beset7 01-20-2005 09:08 PM

Re: Slowplaying a flopped flush
In the Caffione/Rueben book they have a hand quiz example almost exactly like this. You have to bet the flop. In Hold Em I might slowplay it if the table was tight, maybe go for a check-raise on the turn or something. Nobody is going to bet this for you until they make a better hand unless they are completely insane (which is not outside the realm of possibilities, but still). So, if you wait for someone to bet, it's probably because you're beat.

svenski 01-20-2005 10:14 PM

Re: Slowplaying a flopped flush
On Party $25 Tables this is an mandatory potbet in early position. With 5 other people in the pot already you will get called. If you dont get called you simply wouldn't until your beat. Sometimes it's all about the timing of your big hand and others not as big hands.

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