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Tzak 11-29-2005 11:35 AM

Computer Lamo\'s 1st Poker Tracker
Here are my stats for mostly 15-30 bad beat party games:

TH 26,531
Vol. Put 16.31
Vol.Sm Blnd 36.81
FldSB to Steal 76.60
FLD BB to steal 59.57
ATT steal 35.21
Won $ WSF 37.62
Won 13,547
BB Hands 1.58
WEnt to SD 30.08
Won$ at SHDWN 61.43
PFl R 9.37...

I know I'm weak tight by the majority of the posters here,but that's how I feel comfortable.

I do also play 1 30-60 or 50-100 game sometimes simultaneously without tracker with a better win rate.

I bought playerview and Pa HUD in the last 2 days.but had some problems with playerview crapping out.

Is there any posts about the aggression factor? What it should be?

Also I'm not quite sure what a showdown is? Just when both players see to the river?

The stats probably show I don't call enough on the river but that's where I believe you can save the most money.I just don't buy the I'm getting 10-1 odds syndrome.I always try to make notes on raise river, cr river bluff. Not too many cr river bluff as apposed to cr T semi.

I also know I'm weak at blind defense but I usually end losing more if I don't muck.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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