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TStoneMBD 12-31-2005 09:24 PM

looking to buy party hh databases
id like to purchase party hand history databases of dataminers. i am in need of the 15/30-30/60 level with maybe some 50/100. id like to get october-december but i need december the most. i would also like to continue purchasing databases on a monthly basis.

if you have databases, pm me the # of hands in your databases along with a requested $ amount. im looking for a reasonable deal and am not interesting in buying databases for more money and less hands than what krishan used to offer (something like 700k databases for $20). im sure that people reading this thread interested in the same thing will ask me for the names of people who sell me databases so if you want your name to remain confidential for your protection include that in your pm and i wont tell anyone (or ill only refer you to trustworthy posters if you prefer).

if needed, we can arrange a bandwidth transfer through aim, mirc, torrent?, or i could provide a way for you to upload files through a server of mine.

TheMetetron 12-31-2005 10:09 PM

Re: looking to buy party hh databases
Meh, if you find anyone and don't mind sharing whom, let me know TStone, as I'm in the same market as you.

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