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02-08-2002 04:32 AM

question for investment people

I posted a question in the other topics forum that some of you may be able to answer. Any help would be appreciated.



02-08-2002 02:33 PM


If you have no industry experience, you probably want to start out as an "analyst" through the program for new college recruits, at a big firm like Morgan Stanley or UBS Warburg.

I think this hiring runs on a fairly tight cycle, and has to be just about over. So get your resume/references ready, and start surfing the web for where to send it right away.

If you're wondering if this is what you want to do, trust me, it is. You'll do fine, and you'll find your strength when you get there:)

If I missed your point, or if you have additional questions, please post them!

They're not looking for run-of-the-mill math nerds, the world has no shortage of people who took a graduate class on "the Ito Process" or something. They're looking for you.


02-08-2002 06:06 PM

Re: question for investment people

I work in an investment bank and although i don't consider myself a quant i know that there is good demand for people with a solid math background plus economics & finance. I don't think you need a math phD for most quant jobs unless you're doing some real hard core modelling.

There are quite a few Masters in mathematical finance programs that are popping up, I have a friend who did one at Chicago and is now at a hedge fund. These programs are generally 12-24 months so much shorter than phD and will probably give you the technical background you need coupled with some finance.

Basically, i think it just depends on what you want to do. If you're really interested quant modelling than a math phD might be worth it(although i think a Masters in Math. Finance is probably enough) but if you just want to be a trader in bond options or exotics, structuring, research, or other fairly quantitatively demanding areas, a phD is not needed although a Masters in finance would probably help.

Hope this helps.

02-08-2002 06:12 PM

Re: question for investment people

The education might help you get a won't really help you become a better trader.

02-08-2002 06:19 PM

Re: question for investment people

Very true, i don't really think trading can be taught in a classroom or by reading a book but the competition for finance jobs is so high these days that a Masters might be necessary just to get an interview. Also, if you're not too familiar with finance, it should be quite useful.

But, if you can get a job without an additional degree then you're probably just as well off taking the job.

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