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tom441lbk 12-25-2005 09:42 PM

For those with 3 or more monitors
I don't really know how to cross post things, so here is a link to the CT help forum, I just figured alot of people in here would have experience with it...




Mr_J 12-25-2005 11:26 PM

Re: For those with 3 or more monitors
I bought a cheap AMD computer to run my 3 monitor setup. Athlon 3k or something. The main vid card is a fx5200, with dvi & vga. The second card is a pci fx5200 that jsut does vga. The 3 monitors are a dell 2001fp and 2 19 inch CRTs. The idea was just to get a cheap 12 tabling setup and it's great for that.

If you are looking at 3-4 lcds running dvi, then it's obviously alot more expensive. You'd want a quad monitor card or 2 dual dvi cards. For 2 dual dvi cards I think that means having 2 spare agp ports or 2 spare pci express ports.

Why do you wanna run 3+ monitors? With the party beta, that kind of setup is obsolete unless you are raptor and need a monitor for each thing you are doing.

I'm hoping to play up to 18 tables, and I'd only need 2 monitors for that. But then I use my laptop for all the normal stuff, and my desktop is just for poker.

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