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Tzak 12-29-2005 11:15 PM

Intercasino\'s bonus
Well they've changed the wagering requirements for me,the bonus requirements carry over now.I can cash out,but not the bonus,until the previous months is cleared.I was thinking of depositing a couple months,then give 1 hail marry.If I missed,cashout my deposit.I was just wondering if anybody had them change again the cashout requirements-so that they would have to clear all bonuses before cashout.That's whats stoppin me from depositing for say 6 months.I've already had a company change the minimum wage in the middle of a session to 50 buks on me.Tzak.

Sniper 12-30-2005 12:54 AM

Re: Intercasino\'s bonus
Just clear the bonuses with a few hours of poker play!... definately more +EV than the casino!

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