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J.Brown 12-23-2005 11:14 PM

Nip/Tuck, ?\'s, comments
Season 3 is over.

It was f'ed up to say the least, but..........

a few pertinent ?'s for those who watch.

1. did Kimber get less hot this season or where they trying to make her that way on the show. (omg is she hot, btw)

2. did you know who the Carver was early in the season?

3. have you ever heard of anyone else born w/o a penis?

discuss amongst yourselves.

cheers. J.

zgall1 12-24-2005 12:27 AM

Re: Nip/Tuck, ?\'s, comments
1. Kimber waas just as hot. Just a lot less make-up because she was a "serious" businesswoman.

2. Not a clue.

3. Yes.

Deathbear 12-24-2005 12:47 AM

Re: Nip/Tuck, ?\'s, comments
I didn't think they would make it that obvious as to who the carver was. I was thinking it would be someone else.

surfinillini 12-24-2005 12:48 AM

Re: Nip/Tuck, ?\'s, comments
I didn't think they would make it that obvious as to who the carver was. I was thinking it would be someone else.

[/ QUOTE ]


J.Brown 12-24-2005 05:32 AM

Re: Nip/Tuck, ?\'s, comments
1. Kimber seemed a bit worn in a couple of episodes, but boy we she work in a pinch for like 3 months straight or so.

2. Really?? like the others said, it was so obvious i thought, no way it can't be. very disappointing.

3. REALLY?? discuss. that was a new one on me.

henrikrh 12-24-2005 06:29 AM

Re: Nip/Tuck, ?\'s, comments
I liked season 1 & 2. I saw two episode this season and hated it. May be a small sample size, but I just don't find the show interesting anymore.

PokerFink 12-24-2005 03:39 PM

Re: Nip/Tuck, ?\'s, comments
1. Kimber is smoking hot, but her face looks really shiny sometimes. Dunno if it's bad lighting or something, but it doesn't happen with other characters.

2. I didn't think it would be Quintin because that was the obvious choice. But including Kit in it as his sister was a reasonable twist, and sets up season 4 nicely.

By the way, I was really, really hoping the carver would be Kevin Spacey.

3. I'm just happy it didn't happen to me.

I thought the season was great. It's going to be great for TV in the long run as well, because it continues to push the boundries of what can be shown and done on cable TV. I'm betting they had some cool shots of Quintin w/o a penis that they had to edit out, such as when Kit shows the photograph to Christian/Sean. It's only a matter of time before the show goes so far across the line that a shot of a man w/o a penis will seem tame.

This is my favorite non-HBO show on TV.

12-24-2005 07:10 PM

Re: Nip/Tuck, ?\'s, comments
I love the fact that FX shows (The Shield is like this as well) don't pull any punches with the season finales. They don't bother with stupid cliffhangers (Lost's finale pissed me off to no end), they let everything out and leave next season for picking up the pieces. Sure, you have to suspend disbelief, but I enjoyed the story enough for it to not bother me while watching.

Tyler 12-24-2005 07:36 PM

Re: Nip/Tuck, ?\'s, comments
The season 2 finale was quite a cliffhanger o_o

college kid 12-25-2005 05:28 AM

Re: Nip/Tuck, ?\'s, comments (rant!!!)
[censored] Nip Tuck stole the time slot for Lucky. I liked Lucky. Not for it's spectacular poker, but it was just a good show. I wish they'd have that in DVD.

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