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curtains 12-29-2005 10:41 PM

limp-reraised by \"loose\" player
I recall someone once telling me that the opponent was a loose/bad player at limit holdem.

***** Hand History for Game 3247659174 *****
30/60 TOURNEY TEXAS HOLD'EM GAME TABLE (NL) (TOURNAMENT 18523167) - FRI DEC 23 01:46:40 EST 2005
Table Table 67227 (Real Money) -- Seat 1 is the button
Total number of players : 7
Seat 1: BREAKURNECK8 (2065)
Seat 3: Arevirr (1735)
Seat 4: mickey49 (1945)
Seat 5: joe_5741 (1320)
Seat 6: faderen (1025)
Seat 7: ILuvCurtains (895)
Seat 8: TheIronChef (1015)
Arevirr posts small blind (15)
mickey49 posts big blind (30)
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to ILuvCurtains [ Ad, Qc ]
joe_5741 folds.
faderen calls (30)
ILuvCurtains raises (130) to 130
TheIronChef folds.
BREAKURNECK8 calls (130)
Arevirr folds.
mickey49 calls (100)
faderen raises (995) to 1025
faderen is all-In.
ILuvCurtains ?

adanthar 12-29-2005 10:47 PM

Re: limp-reraised by \"loose\" player
I don't know about limit, but IIRC he was a 109 regular a while back so I would guess your hand sucks now [img]/images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img]

lorinda 12-29-2005 10:48 PM

Re: limp-reraised by \"loose\" player
I would think that a loose/bad player would be more likely to just open raise with their marginal holdings than limp/reraise.
I would think that this would be a big hand.

(I don't think you would have posted the hand though if that were the case.)


microbet 12-29-2005 11:07 PM

Re: limp-reraised by \"loose\" player
There's a lot of action here with the 2 calls as well. Seems like a very difficult call. It's not that infrequent that I make some very difficult calls when I'm in a game and have a real feel that someone is crazy, but in a post on 2p2 it looks like you are crushed.

curtains 12-30-2005 06:50 AM

Re: limp-reraised by \"loose\" player

I called based on my "read/feeling" and dead money in the pot, he had TT.

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