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colson10 07-21-2005 02:09 AM

WSOP ME Report (long)
I wrote this mainly for myself, but figured some of you might be interested.

Day 1.

Sit down seven handed to start. Mike Caro shows up late.

I open with black KK on the button for 150, unknown BB defends (another late arriver). Flop is J86 two clubs. BB checks, I bet 200, he check raises to 450, I call. Turn is 6o, BB checks, I bet 700, he c/rís again to 1600, I call. River is J, he leads for 2100, I call. He doesnít show. Iím up to 13.5K.

I open complete 83c in the SB (blinds 50-100), BB checks. Flop is A82 two clubs. I bet 100, BB calls. Turn is 7s, putting two spades and two clubs on board. I bet 200, BB makes it 700, I call. River is a red J, I check and call 700 after a reasonably long deliberation. He has A7. guy asks to see my hand.

I make it 300 in EP with 86c, guy behind me calls. Flop is 763 two spades one heart. I bet 400, he calls. Turn is 8h, I bet 1000, he calls. River is 2h, I bet 1000, he makes it 3000, I call. He has J6h and asks to see my hand.

Things arenít going too well. Iíve been repopped a couple times preflop, and I lost a coinflip to a shortstack. Iím down to 3800 or so with blinds at 100-200. I open 22 in CO for 600, button makes it 1500, blinds fold back to me. Iíve seen this guy reraise with AK, AQ, and he has reraised my LP opens before, so I decide to call and push any flop. Flop is 842. Okay, so maybe Iím not pushing any flop. I check, he puts me all in with 66, and I double up.

Iím back to a comfortable stack, but I try to open again and get reraised. I decide to tighten up and just try to make some hands. I wouldnít say my table was that tough, but it was generally pretty aggressive. The real donks werenít the fun kind of donks who just roll over and give you their chips.

I limp utg with 88 for 200, another limper, and LP makes it 800, both of us call. Flop is 876 two hearts. Checks to preflop raiser, who pushes for 7000, I call all in for something between 5-6K, other limper folds, and I crack AA.

I limp 44 in EP, MP makes it 800, with 4500 behind, I call HU. Flop is T94, and for the third time I flop a set and get to check call an all in bet. AA no good. Iím somewhere around 20K.

Iím down to 17K or so after a couple things donít go right. UTG makes it 1200 (blinds 200-400), I make it 3500 with AKo utg+1, folds to girl in MP who doesnít even think about it before calling. Sheís new to the table, about an orbit or two, donít know anything about her, but she has a healthy stack. Utg folds, HU. Flop is 996, I bet 5000, she raises to 11000, and I of course fold. I was really unhappy about betting this flop after she raised, but I thought AK was a VERY likely hand for her after her quick call of a big raise.

I get moved right after this hand. I was really happy to get moved. Like I said before, I didnít think this was that tough of a table, but for some reason I just couldnít get into rhythm. Besides flopping all those sets, hardly anything was going right for me.

I get moved to Ariehís table. I like the change of scenery, but Iím not happy to see Arieh. In the smaller buyin events leading up to this I was excited to play with some of the big names. I was over that now, and I just wanted to see clueless guys in internet attire. Arieh was not a threat for long. He called a young kidís EP raise HU (blinds 200-400). Flop Q32r, kid bets 1500, Arieh calls. Turn is 6o, kid bets 5000, Arieh calls. River is 9, kid bets 7000, and after a long deliberation Arieh calls, leaving himself with about 3K. Kid shows KQo, Arieh mucks. He said in his journal that he blew off most of his chips with Q7d, so Iím sure thatís what he had.

It seemed like a really straight forward table, which I liked, except that I didnít have enough chips to really take advantage of it. Straight forward in that preflop raisers were often not betting the flop with unimproved big cards.

Active EP opens for 1100, I call in MP with 55. flop is 986. He bets 1500, I call. Turn is T, he checks, I bet 3500, leaving myself with about 8K. He contemplates for a long time before calling. River is Q and he pushes, I fold.

I have just under 8K when same EP opens and one right behind him calls. I push with 88. EP calls and cold caller folds what he says was AK (pretty sure he wasnít lying), EP had AK too, and I win the flip.

Now Iím feeling pretty good. We hit a new blind level, but it goes to 250-500, a level I wasnít expecting, so Iím very happy about it.

Tight EP (but has just opened a couple pots in the past few hands) opens to 1600, I call in MP with JJ. I have about 16.5K after calling his raise. It folds around to BB who quickly pushes all in for just over what I have. BB is on tilt IMO. He recently reraised an EP raiser and then folded QQ face up to his all in. He was clearly not happy about it. EP seems to like his hand. Folding didnít look like an option to him. He immediately wanted to know how much more it was (about 18K), he then took a second before throwing in four 5K chips for a call (he had us both well covered). I was almost positive I had BB beat. I really felt like he had TT. His speed was too quick for it to be a bigger pair. I was almost positive it was TT or AK. I would have called him, but EP presents the trouble. This was the same guy who supposedly folded AK when I squeezed with 88. He seems tight, and he seems solid (I later found out it was Randy Holland, who has a fairly impressive resume). I really wanted to believe he had AK, and BB had TT, cuz you know how good I am at coinflips. But the way he called made it feel like he didnít mind if I played too. Although the BBís push had me covered, it seemed like EP would want to ďrepushĒ with AK if he was going to play it. This didnít seem like his intent. I decided to fold, and was relieved to see EPís AA. BB had 99. The flop came 652 with a flush draw, and I realize how lucky I was. Iím almost positive I wasnít getting away from that flop if EP and I took it HU.

CO (previous active EP, who seems to have tightened up, or maybe he was always tight) opens to 1700 (blinds 300-600), button (Holland) calls, SB folds. I have JJ in the BB with about 16K more. I decide to push. I thought the CO could have any two, and the button probably had some middle pair. I pushed hoping that he thought I was squeezing them again with something marginal and maybe I could get a call out of TT or 99. It also gets most overcard hands to fold without taking the risk of one of them calling with AQ or something like that and then having to play out of position. CO quickly folded, now the button went into the tank. He counted out the raise and said something about how I had 88 the other hand. At this point I really wanted him to call. It seemed like 99 or TT was such a good possibility. He ended up folding. This was very close to the end of the day and I asked him about it once we were done for the day (we would be redrawing for new tables the next day). He said he had AQ.

Day 2

After two days off (I played day 1a) Iím feeling a little nervous. I really just want a soft table. I started the day with 28K, going to 2hour levels, we still had an hour and a half of the 300-600 level.

I didnít recognize anyone at my table to start, which was great. I had nightmares of sitting down to Layne Flack on my left with his big stack. My table turned out to be fantastic: tight and predictable.

I was opening a lot of pots and either stealing the blinds or taking it down with a continuation bet. I was rarely getting reraised. There was a kid with a lot of chips two to my right. He was a pokerstars guy, and would take forever on every decision. It would fold to him, heíd take his card protector off his cards, look in front and behind him, then peer down as he squeezed his cards. Then heíd put his card protector back on, look around, take it off and muck his cards. I mean, holy frickin christ, just PLAY.

He was fairly active, and I was initially careful to get involved with him since he had a big stack and seemed pretty reckless. He then opened in MP. He would always say raise when he intended on doing so. This time he could hardly get the words out of his mouth. It was very soft and quiet. Everyone folded and he showed KK. LOL. Next time he came out raising confidently I popped him with T4o.

I was slowly building my stack the way you always want to, just chopping away, never having to show anything down. I was up to 45 at one point during the level, but ended it around 40K.

Blinds up to 400-800. Iím continuing to open a lot, but I have reasonable cards too. People have started to make comments about me raising a lot, and how I always defended my blinds (which in my mind was far from the truth, although I was doing it more than anyone else). I showed them a couple hands that I opened in LP, TT, AJs. The guy two to my left said ďOh, I believe you, I just wish I had something to play back with.Ē LOL, these guys, what a table. I was just praying that I didnít get moved and that no one tough ended up at our table when someone busted.

I donít remember much from this level, except for one hand, but I steadily built my stack to 65kish without showing down a hand.

The one hand I do remember from this level was a LP short stack made it 3K with around 4K behind. Stars kid calls, I make it 15K in the BB with AQc, short stack calls all in and the kid folds. Short stack had AJs, and my hand held up.

Blinds 500-1000.

CO (stars kid begging me to take his chips) opens for 3200 I think. I have KJ in the SB and decide to just call. I feel like Iíve reraised him enough that heís going to want to take a stand sometime soon. BB folds. Flop is KQ7r, I check, he quickly moves all in for almost 30K. I take off my headphones in a haste to make sure I heard him correctly, and almost call without even thinking about it. I probably got about half a syllable out of ďI callĒ before I decided to take a second. After maybe 3 seconds I decided I wasnít going to find a fold and made the call. He showed Q9 and my hand held up.

Now I have a stack and am sitting very comfortably with around 100K. I had just raised and gotten reraised, so I decide to limp 89s utg. Folds to MP who makes it 4500 with 40K behind. This guy is bad. He loves to make big folds and show them. Heís the kind of guy who I think I can easily semibluff off a strong hand. For these reasons I call. The flop comes A88, I check, he moves in immediately, and I call before he could believe it. He was absolutely disgusted when I turned my hand over, and gave me a really nasty look. I canít imagine how many times heís told this story of the young donkey who CALLS A RAISE WITH 89. He had AQ.

Once again I flop trips and get to check call all in. Sometimes itís an easy game.

Blinds go up to 600-1200, I have about 140K.

I raise to 3600 UTG+1 with 97d, MP (another bad player) makes it 8K. He has between 30 and 35K behind. I make the obvious call of his 4400 reraise. The flop comes 972 two clubs. I check, he pushes, and I call instantly. He has TT. It comes running queens to give him a higher two pair. This was kind of devastating, but it was really the first time that I had gotten pretty unlucky so far in the tournament. It was sort of difficult to think about the fact that it would have put me to almost 200K.

I decide to chill out for a bit, I didnít want to have to worry about getting reraised more since I just opened with 97 in EP. I also like to take it a bit slower after a frustrating hand like this. I donít think I tilt much, but even minor tilt is bad.

Iím able to chop my back up to 130Kish. With blinds of 800-1600, Big stack on my right (150Kish) opens to 4500. Heís been tightish to moderately active. Heís fairly new to the table so Iíve been waiting to get a better feel for him, but eager to take a flop with him with my position. I call right behind him with J9c. HU, flop is JT9. He bets 12K, I call. I think raising is fine here, but I decided to see the turn before playing a big pot here. Turn is Q, one of the worst cards for me. He bets 24K. I think about it for a while and decide to fold. Iím still not sure how I feel about this hand. Good job using my position, right. This was the biggest laydown I made throughout the tournament. I hate making big folds more than anything, but it felt right here.

60K stack gets moved to the table. He opens in EMP for 5000, I call in the SB with 88. The flop comes 666. I check, he immediately pushes all in. I contemplate for a long time, and eventually get a clock called on me. Itís such a weird play, I think it might be AK. Heís definitely not that solid of a player, heís drinking beer, and heís visibly nervous (not that it means heís weak necessarily) with his heart racing. I finally decide to fold. I think it would be a pretty bad call since he was new to the table. It was a lot of chips to call off, and if Iím wrong Iím in horrible shape. A few hands later he was talking to the guy next to him, and while I had my headphones but volume down low, he told the guy that he wished I had called.

I blow off 20K when new young tuan le like asian guy sits down and makes a min raise utg. I call on the button with 88 and BB calls. Flop is QTx two diamonds, BB checks, UTG bets really small like 4400, I make it 15K, he reraises some gross amount and I fold.

I end the day just under 100K. Blinds start off at 1-2K the next day, and we will be playing hand for hand with 568 players left and 560 getting paid.

Day 3

I get seated in the 3 seat (playing 9 handed) with Mike Matusow in the 9, Minh Ly in the 8, unknown at the time Joseph Hachem in the 6, Scotland dude from Pokerstars with a monster stack on my left in the 4.

We quickly find out how nuts Scotland is. He opens in EP, Matusow reraises 16K more (probably 100 more behind), Scotland calls. Flop is A93 two clubs, Scotland pushes all in, Matusow doesnít take too long in calling with AK, Scotland has J7c and misses. Soon after he opens on Lyís and Matusowís blinds. He calls Lyís c/r on the flop with no pair no draw, then bets the turn when the flush card hits and shows his complete bluff. He also apparently had no idea who Matusow was, because as soon as Matusow sits down heís looking around at peoples stacks and talking about how heís going to take those chips, and those chips, blah blah blah. Scotland takes noticeable offense to it, saying in his almost undecipherable accent ďno one cares, why do you keep talking.Ē He continues to mumble stuff to Matusow who responds with, ďwell, I already got one chip leader on tilt. See, now youíre gonna try and bust me, but actually thatís how Iím gonna bust you.Ē

Weíre in the money when I open to 6500 on the button with TT. Scotland makes it 15K more from the SB, I call. Flop is Q96r, Scotland while sitting back in his chair says ď20 thousandĒ, but doesnít actually put it in. Iím sitting there waiting for him to put his chips in, thinking itís kind of weird. I ask the dealer to have him put it in. I call. Turn is 7d, putting a flush draw up. Scotland now looks at my stack and says ďall inĒ. I agonize over it for a while before calling. When I turn mine over, heís not making any effort to get his cards turned over. He says, ďyou call me with that?Ē Heís very surprised. He turns over T7h, for a pair of 7s and a gutshot, which I have locked up too. The river blanks off, and Iím feeling good.

I call Matusowís 7500 EP raise with 77 in LP. Flop is AKJ two hearts, check check. Turn is To, check check. River is 7h. He bets 25K, I consider folding but decide to call. he has QQ for the straight.

After another hand against Hachem, Scotland has blown off about 300K in the first level. He doubles up on a coinflip to about 80K. I then pick up KK and make my standard raise fo 8500 (blinds 1500-3000), he reraises, I push, he calls with AK. Flop has an ace and Iím back down to where I started the day. This was quite brutal. KK and Scotland is reraising me (which he hadnít done that much, but looked like he wanted to every time I opened), canít ask for a much better spot.

Iím getting cold decked now, and Ly and Matusow are opening a lot of pots, both with big stacks.

I pick up KK again UTG, folds to BB who calls. He leads at me on a QJx two flushed board, and I push, he folds.

Iím down to under 60K at one point, and push on consecutive hands where Ly and Matusow opened in LP, and get back up to 95 or so before blinds go up to 2-4K.

A couple orbits into the level, monster stack (700+) open limps in EMP, button limps, SB completes, and I look down at KK in the BB. I make it 15K more, monster stack calls, the others fold. Flop is K73, two diamonds. I check, he puts me all in quickly, and I of course call immediately hoping he shows me 66 or something like that. He has A8d, 9 of diamonds on the turn, and I donít fill up on the river. Matusow says ďI knew itĒ when I turned my hand over. After the river is dealt he told the table, ďman, that kid deserved better than that. He played so good.Ē We had talked briefly at the break and at the table. I was surprised by how nice of a guy he was to me. One of the highlights of the day was when he was on one of his rants, ďlet me tell you all whatís going on here. See, there are some playes you can't bluff. Let me tell you who you canít bluff. You canít bluff him (pointing to Minh Ly), you canít bluff meÖ..and you canít bluff that kid.Ē He was pointing at me, this was a little while after my TT call.

Oh yeah, once again I flop a set and get to check call all in.

Needless to say, I was absolutely devastated after being knocked out. I kind of aimlessly got up and started walking away before they gave me the seat card to take to one of the TDís. I then got a slip with 263 on it to take to someone else. I was sort of in shock and not sure how to feel when right after I got another slip to take to the cashier a woman asked me to do an interview for a documentary about younger people playing in the world series. If she had waited maybe 5 minutes I probably would have done it, but I had no desire to go explain how I got my chips in with the nuts only to have my opponent holding the one hand I was vulnerable to and draw out on me. I simply told her I didnít really feel like talking about it right then.

The pain has since gone away for the most part. Iím happy with how I played, even though the tournament made me realize how much I have to work on.

I feel like Iíve been playing awesome poker since then. I had my biggest online score the other day in the UB 215, and I also got a seat for Legends of Poker 5K main event on the same day.

The whole experience was amazing and certainly made me a better player. I am of course disappointed that I have to wait a year before getting to play this tournament again. What a structure it has!


billyjex 07-21-2005 02:34 AM

Re: WSOP ME Report (long)
congrats on your success. what a rough one to go out.. but it sounds like you played great.

Tyler Durden 07-21-2005 02:49 AM

Re: WSOP ME Report (long)
Awesome report dude. 263rd is excellent. How much did you win?

yabastid 07-21-2005 02:58 AM

Re: WSOP ME Report (long)
Great read Carl, thank you. I realize where I need to take my game when I read your post- FLOP MORE SETS!!! [img]/images/graemlins/tongue.gif[/img]

I saw your performance in th UB- congrats.

Much more success,


MLG 07-21-2005 03:07 AM

Re: WSOP ME Report (long)
it was a blast sweating you in vegas man. you played some kick ass poker. I can only say im jealous of some of the opportunities you got, and reading this trip report im jealous that I don't have an even remotely interesting one of my own. Can't wait to see you at some more of these events.

SossMan 07-21-2005 03:22 AM

Re: WSOP ME Report (long)
really great that's what i'm doing wrong...i'm not flopping sets and checkcalling all in enough..i'll work on that.

how much did you win?

SossMan 07-21-2005 03:23 AM

Re: WSOP ME Report (long)
Awesome report dude. 263rd is excellent. How much did you win?

[/ QUOTE ]

it's no 126th, but hey.... [img]/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

morello 07-21-2005 03:27 AM

Re: WSOP ME Report (long)
Good report, tough break. Keep playing like you do and you'll be winning these things soon enough.

bugstud 07-21-2005 03:29 AM

Re: WSOP ME Report (long)
it was a blast sweating you in vegas man. you played some kick ass poker. I can only say im jealous of some of the opportunities you got, and reading this trip report im jealous that I don't have an even remotely interesting one of my own. Can't wait to see you at some more of these events.

[/ QUOTE ]

yeah, it's nice to see someone run well/play well and make it more than 6 hours in.

colson10 07-21-2005 03:36 AM

Re: WSOP ME Report (long)
Awesome report dude. 263rd is excellent. How much did you win?

[/ QUOTE ]

Thanks man, just over 24K.


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