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03-23-2002 01:40 AM

Re: them nights is some of the best games!!!

a lot of the time i find really great games in LA in the middle of the night midweeks because that's when all the pros and reasonable players with real jobs are home in bed and it's just me and all the sad sick lonely gambling addicts who cant wait till the weekend.

03-23-2002 02:37 AM

Re: them nights is some of the best games!!!

I marvel when I go to the LA card clubs and find that there are so many good games that I have trouble choosing which might be the best. The games are pretty much good all the time at the large clubs. I don't think I am giving up much equity to hang out with my buddies on the weekend nights. I work full-time, and so do most people I know, so hanging out on the weekdays is just too tiring for most. Poker is for weekday nights and weekend days fo' me.


03-23-2002 05:30 AM

Re: them nights is some of the best games!!!

I think you just summed it up fairly well. There is such a multitude of good games all the time that you are probably giving up only a little by avoiding weekends. If weekends are your only real social times then I would totally agree that giving up a small amount of expectation is way better then helping to kill off a social life. In fact giving up a lot of expectation is almost surely worth it too unless you really need the money.


03-23-2002 05:34 AM

Re: Age of players and age bias

Sounds good, let me know when you come to LA or go to Vegas. I'm always looking for an excuse to drive out there.


03-24-2002 06:00 AM

Re: Age of players and age bias

im dying to get back out there again. perhaps this summer. i AM going to Tucson, AZ from may 18th to the 26th or so. im the Best Man in my friends' wedding on the 25th. i was thinking about taking the extra 6 or so hours to hit vegas, but im not sure about time constraints and driving logistics, etc. but i will let you know. if you are ever in chicago, ill take you to our only decent public room in the area and then you can feel sorry for us poor chicago poker players.

03-25-2002 05:27 AM

Re: Age of players and age bias

I've never actually experienced age bias. I am 25-27 in looks but younger in reality. I have never really noticed any resentment or different treatment from players of any age. In fact, it is only fellow 20-somethings who treat me differently because they see me as another one of them; a studious, poker-loving young person. But this is natural.

I think some people go around expecting to be discriminated against, so they perceive the actions of others to be this way. This in turn perpetuates the matter (crusty, unfriendly behaviour begets crusty, unfriendly behaviour). It's either that or I'm really not paying enough attention at the tables.

03-25-2002 03:30 PM

Re: Age of players and age bias

No sarcasm was intended, I have to believe in the long run Ray would take most people's money. Would you want him to be at your table? I wouldn't.

03-27-2002 10:15 PM

Re: Age of players and age bias

Poor chicago poker players-- HA! Count your blessings. You have Harrah's next door in Gary, which with the POSSIBLE exception of the Sandia in Albuquerque has the best mid-limit action I've ever seen.

03-28-2002 03:01 AM


too bad i play low-limit. i won't deny that hte room is decent, and has decent action. but it is nothing to the rooms in L.A. that i got to play in for the 6 months i was living there last year. i mean, if i wanted a LL game, i had about 15 or 20 to choose from between 1-2 up to 4-8. a little higher was the 6-12 and there was always an abundance of those. the tournaments were cool. not to mention all the mid/high limit tables. plus, a variety of games. stud, HE, stud8, Omaha8, OmahaHigh, Mexican poker & Pineapple (i never played these, but they had plenty of tables)

at Harrah's in east chicago, we have 1-5 and 2-10 stud. lowest limit HE is 4-8. then an OCCASIONAL 6-12. next jump is 10-20, 15-30, 20-40, and 50-100. some mixed games, like HOSE or alternating between O8 and Stud8. i think i have seen a 40-80 there. not much else there. occasional 5-10 Omaha8 game. thats it for the entire area.

03-29-2002 05:58 PM

I think he means Archie Andrews

Regards, Lee "Jughead" Jones

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