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12-27-2005 02:08 PM

Live $50 MTT, final table hand
7 players left (of 24). Top 4 paid (45%, 25%, 20%, 10%).

Blinds 400/800

UTG (chip leader)
Hero (SB) (t7700)
Villian (BB) (t6000)

Hero is dealt AQo.

UTG calls. 4 folds. Hero raises +2500.

Villian pushes all in. UTG folds. Pot = 10100. 2700 to call. HERO??? (stack 4400 before call)

Read: villian is somewhat aggressive but not totally donkish.

Will post results after feedback. Thanks.

Pasterbator 12-27-2005 02:12 PM

Re: Live $50 MTT, final table hand
With less than 10 BBs, you should be pushing preflop. If you decide to raise, it should be with the plan to call any push. Right now you need to call 2700 to win 9300 which is almost 3.5:1. Folding would be pretty rediculous.

12-27-2005 03:04 PM

Re: Live $50 MTT, final table hand
Unless you are 100% sure that your opponent has exactly AA, KK or QQ you absolutely can not fold here. You can't narrow the range down that tight in a live event, especially the way many of them are structured (everyone is under 10BB very quickly) so this is an insta-call. Even still, getting 3:1 on your money you're not any worse off verus KK or QQ than about 2.3:1 so you're getting odds to make this call.

I'm not exactly beating villain to the pot but this is an insta-call with almost any reasonable holding at this point.

wizard 12-27-2005 03:31 PM

Re: Live $50 MTT, final table hand
BB may be thinking that you are just trying to make a fast steal w/o risking everythingyou have or may have a real hand. Doesn't matter. I think that now you push just as you probably should have your 1st opportunity to act. I small a horror story coming and am looking forward to the details.

12-28-2005 01:53 PM

I agreed with your sentiments and realized that the pot-odds were actually in my favor facing any two cards besides AA. I didn't have a strong read but I wouldn't have been shocked if I even had him dominated.

So I was relatively happy to see him turn over JJ after I called. They held up and I was left with 1700 forced to push my Q5 UTG on the next hand. Got called by a weak ace and my tourney was over. Oh well.

12-28-2005 06:54 PM

Re: Live $50 MTT, final table hand
what hand would you put in a third of your chips that you wouldnt call the rest with? you dont have much room to work. call and hope he doesnt have you dominated. (prob. shoulda pushed preflop).

graarrg 12-29-2005 04:21 AM

Re: Live $50 MTT, final table hand
with everyone else tightening up to reach the money, I say go for it. If you fold here, you're damned pretty hard. And if you win, you stand a good chance of placing top 2.

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