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05-06-2002 05:45 PM

I Raised, She Called

This Saturday morning my girlfriend and I were talking and I raised the prospect that we get married. Well, she called my raise so we are going to the river together! I think she is the nuts so this makes me about as happy as a man can be.

We figured what better place for a killer wedding than Las Vegas so we and our posse will be heading there sometime in August.


05-06-2002 05:50 PM


We thought it would be cool to get married in some little Vegas wedding chapel but my best friend is a Universal Life Church minister (you know the ones) and we want him to do the ceremony. Does anyone know if we could get married in a wedding chapel there but supply our own person to do the ceremony? Any other tips on which chapels are cool would be appreciated too.



05-06-2002 06:02 PM

I\'m tired of bad beat stories

You must be aware that the weather in Vegas during the month of August is atrocious. It is routinely above 100 degrees and often above 110 degrees. The two of you will end up stuck in your hotel during the entire trip. You won't have anything to do.

Seriously, a honeymoon (or any vaction) in Vegas would be much better in October/November when the weather is awesome. The August heat is really oppressive.


05-06-2002 06:08 PM

Re: I\'m tired of bad beat stories

We are heading overseas in October and need to visit family beforehand so August is our best bet. Plus, she used to live in AZ and her friends from there want to be able to come see us get hitched.

As far as weather, we live in Seattle and the sun doesn't even shine here 75% of all days of the year so an overdose of sun and heat is not such a bad thing in my eyes. If it sucks to be outsde then we'll have more time for poker and sex.


05-06-2002 06:25 PM

He\'s joking. It isn\'t one. *NM*

05-07-2002 12:08 PM

You Are Drawing Dead...

over/under on how long it will last is 2 1/2 years

05-07-2002 01:27 PM

Re: I Raised, She Called

sound like you have pot odds to go ahead with this move. congratulations.

05-07-2002 01:30 PM

But it\'s a dry heat!

Comedian at the Riveria - "tell that to the beads of sweat running down the crack of my ass!"

I quite enjoyed it because it made it easier for me to say to my girlfriend "I need to stay in the casino -- I can't take this heat at the pool!"

So, there may be plan here after all.

05-07-2002 03:03 PM

I\'ve seen a few posts from you,

and they run heavily toward the cynical and insensitive. Just an observation.

05-07-2002 05:58 PM

Thanks! *NM*

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